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Your land is one of your biggest assets. You need to be sure that the decisions you make about it now will continue to bring value into the future. If you have standing timber to sell, trust the professionals at Ray Troyer Lumber to work with you to plan the harvest and arrange the sale. They are a licensed timber buyer for the Carrollton, Ohio community.

A properly managed harvest of your standing timber can help increase the value of your future harvests. Our professionals will select only those trees that are mature and ready for harvesting. Removing the older, larger trees opens up the forest canopy, allowing younger trees to grow in height and width, increasing their value down the road.

At Ray Troyer Lumber, they understand that proper forest management and a solid relationship with their customers is the best way to do business when it comes to timber buying. They know that proper harvesting techniques can improve the quality of their products and put more money in your pocket.

Do not be taken in by promises of a big one-time clearing and payout. Proper harvesting can be a lucrative income source year after year. Make the right choice for your future. Choose a timber buyer you can trust.

At Ray Troyer Lumber, proper harvesting techniques and good forest management are important. They want the opportunity to work with you to harvest your timber now and to build a relationship with you as you move forward. They can offer competitive prices, and promise minimal disruption to your land. Come in or give them a call today, to arrange a consultation with a licensed timber buyer.

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